Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dream Dream Dream.

Hello again my beautiful readers.

Yet again, I must apologize for my disappearance. But let me tell you, it was for a good reason, I promise.  Do you remember that post from, what seems like, eons ago? You know....the one about my dream being to go to NYU....

Well guess what. I'M GOING TO NYU!!! How I got in is still a wonder to me considering my grades were genuinely below average. But who cares, they still liked me enough to give me a place! And to update you on what I'm going to study...well fashion. Obviously. (and a sprinkle of mathematics and art history)

So, back to my normal fashion ramblings...I guess it's been pretty mellow recently because we're in between seasons. But have no fear, I'll still find something to relay to you all.

I've recently developed a slight - I say slight but I really mean massive- obsession with Vanity Fair. Not only do their shoots exude an untouchable elegance but their articles! They're just so well written! I don't think I've ever read a magazine article with such interest in my life.

This month's issue is centred around every fashionista's idol, Audrey Hepburn! So, go and buy one now. PRONTO missies, or misters. We don't judge.

This photo just makes me squeal! It's so perfect.
So long farewell, for now.

p.s. I advise you to read this article from a couple of Vanity Fairs ago. It's so moving and informative about the French Foreign Army. 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Little Shoutout

Bonjour mes lecteurs!

Not sure if you've heard by now......but JOHN GALLIANO is back in da house! And by house, we mean De La Renta's house FYI.

That's correct, the fashion genius and innovator has taken a residency within Oscar De La Renta's studios. It's also been rumored that it was our fashion queen, Anna Wintour who proposed such an idea. And to be honest, we thank Her Royal Fashion Majesty for doing so because the world is a duller place without Galliano's work.

Hint: I'm a massive fan of Galliano and his words should be forgiven. If he had made a remark about any other dictator, he would not have been shunned by society......Just a little thought for you all.

On a more personal note, I must thank each and every one of you who visit this blog! I've finally reached the first milestone in the blogosphere!! (That's if there even are milestones in the blogosphere haha) That's right Guys and Girlies, I've just passed 100 followers. Kisses to you all!


Monday, 4 June 2012

What to Wear........Jubilee Weekend.

So, the bank holiday's finally here. IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE OUR QUEEN!! Long live the Queen!!!!

For those who haven't caught on yet I'm a through and through Brit, from the accent to how we can all sing Jerusalem off by heart. It's our lovely Queen's diamond jubilee this year and in honour of that, I have decided to dedicate a polyvore post to her!

I've compiled a look inspired by our quintessential Britishness which only features British designers and shops. The first look is for those who are more tomboy than girly girl like myself. I absolutely love Barbour jackets, they're just so practical and warm! Its embarrassing how much I wear my quilted one. I also love the Burberry shirt in this set because the contrasting collar perks up the iconic white shirt and those shorts.........holy shhhmoly; they are glorious!
Jubilee Weekend

Jubilee Weekend by aloveforvogue featuring cotton blouses

The second look is more for those feminine girly girls. The sweet little blue denim dress is what I view as the modern 'Little house on the prairie' type of dress. It's so cute and girly but it's subtle enough for me to not puke when I see it (reference: Remember, I'm more of a tom boy hahaha). And of course, to team with every day dress you would choose a short Burberry trench; whoever doesn't should be shot in my opinion unless they chose a leather jacket or blazer instead because then I guess I could get over it as I am fans of those jackets too. And onto the shoe-a-looos, OF COURSE I WAS GOING TO CHOOSE THE CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA'S! Geez they're SO pink and cute and fun and feline that I actually (yes, actually!) like them. 

Jubilee Weekend 2

Jubilee Weekend 2 by aloveforvogue featuring prom dresses

The last look is one for an evening dinner party and channels many of the current trends including digital print and the bright orange hue. This outfit screams sophistication, especially with that figure hugging dress by Christopher Kane. What I love most in this set are the PAPER LASHES THAT ARE SHAPED TO THE LONDON SKYLINE! Please tell me you think it's cool as well! If I wasn't such a false eyelashes noob I would so try them. Would you?

Jubilee Weekend Dinner

Jubilee Weekend Dinner by aloveforvogue featuring platform shoes

So did you like my three looks???? If so, leave me a comment. 

So long readers.....


Monday, 21 May 2012


My Name's Chrissi and I'm a FRANCOPHILE!!! (ps I'm back....)

So, last week, Monsieur Karl unveiled Chanel's Cruise collection 2013 at the wonderful, the enchanting, the magnificent.......... Palais du Versaille!

Let me indulge you in a tiny part of my on-going list of obsessions: If I could, I would live at Versaille for the rest of my life! Remember that trip to Paris I made last summer? No, oh of course you wouldn't, I was so terrible with showing you guys the pictures. But.....I'll post some shnapps I took below. You know what they say, better late than never!

And now back to the Chanel Cruise Collection 2013, here's the video:

Soo pretty!!! Mint is just so chic! 
C'est magnifique!! 

Chinoiserie. Chinoiserie.Chinoiserie!!!

What I love from this collection is that Monsieur Karl has managed to incorporate the essence of the Rococo fashion and update it with such distinction. I could look at each garment and point out where his inspirations lay yet it was not in your face like some other designers. My absolute favourite is the second picture shown above. The subtle print and the contrasting silhouette just made me fall in love!

And of course, with Chanel collections, it is always a must to see the creme de la creme of the fashion world to be present. But do you know who caught my eye for the past couple of seasons? The nouvelle french actress ASTRID BERGES FRISBEY. I am obsessed with her... she literally oozes chicness and elegance and she's just so french!

Isn't she just beautiful?
She's so beautiful, she inspired me to draw! (a rare thing I assure you)

The lovely Astrid (right) with the equally lovely
Elodie Bouchez. 

I leave you with one last thought: for all you ipod/iphone/ipad twerps out there DOWNLOAD CHANEL'S PODCAST!!! It is AMAZING! The people at Chanel upload all their shows extremely quickly and when you get bored on the plane/train/just in general from the lack of fashion, just pop those headphones in and clickity click that podcast and watch your eyes away!
Until next time.......

Sunday, 5 February 2012

On Hiatus..........

Hey my lovely readers,

As you may (or may not) know, I haven't posted in a while. This is due to the fact I have mocks coming up :/ save me!!

So I've decided to take a wee break (wee as in little not as in pee) haha to concentrate on my exams.

I promise when they are done, I will blog like 24/7!!!

But for now,

Sayonara as the japanese say!


Friday, 20 January 2012

Shit Fashion Girls Say

So you must know by now that there's this whole Shit.......say that's caught the web by storm. I found this one on Tumblr and literally DIED from laughing. My favourite bit is the OMG! you look so chic today gurrrlllll!!! hahahah. I can totally imagine my friends and I saying everything in this vid, yes, we're just that cliched except minus the stereotypical accent and replace it with a British one. Also, I have major confessions to tell you! I did the whole "OMG should I get bangs? (fringe)" and then regretted it like CRAZY! I'm currently growing it out :/ Man it takes a looonnnnggg time for that to happen.

Major kudos to the team behind this!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Jason Wu!!! That has literally been what I have been chanting and will be until his collab with Target comes out online. I'm IN LOVE with it and not the teenager kind that lasts for like 5 seconds, I mean the everlasting Titanic version!

The handbags are just...... *dies from heart attack just from thinking about it* 

As we all know, the collection has been painfully slowly revealed to us by certain magazines and fashion news website. But today, we finally were given the privilege to be able to gaze our eyes upon the profound  collection!! And the prices are super cheap compared to his originals!!! Score!! *does nerdy victory dance*

No joke, I'm screaming with glee. The date February 5th has been practically embedded into my  diary from the amount of times I have penciled it in!

The collection is all about soft feminine pieces with a classical touch. It's practically orgasmic!!

Here's my favourite pieces:
Catty Chic!
I would happily sell a kidney to wear this outfit!  

Look at the frillyness of this beautiful dress! Perfect for  those tea parties I'm planning to hold!
What more can you want from a bag?

Bravo Mr Wu! 


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Animate Me Some Fashion

 Hello my lovely readers! How was your Christmases? Good? Lots of scrumptious food I bet.

Back to fashion now............

I was skimming Stylist.com and there was a post entitled : 'Rachel Zoe Gets Animated'. As a curious fashion abiding citizen, I couldn't not see what this article was on  about. So off I clicked and what did I find??????

A whole treasure trove of fashionable goodies :) The post was talking about these .gif images that people had made of models in collections. They were so cool! Unfortunately, I can't upload them onto my blog but just clickie here and you'll be able to find them!

making an animated gif
I'm feeling a bit of pink in my life!
The .gif above is one I made just now. It's not great but it's so much fun a lum a lums to watch! Just in case you're wondering, the image is from the latest pre-fall collection from Rachel Zoe! And so is the one below, although, it wasn't made by me!
Those Christmas lights light up the street..... no wait, light up the model.
So before I leave you to check out the link (the Band of Outsider's one is my fave) here's some more I found on tumblr :)

Merry Christmas my beauts! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!



Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Because We All Love a Bit of Pre-Fall 2012!

Oui Oui Madame et Monsieur! C'est le temps pour l'atomne pre de 2012!!! 

Yes Yes Madam and Sirs, It's time for the PREFALL 2012!!

Oh this gets me giddy! In fact, I think I love all the mini capsule collections that don't require a fashion week like Resort too.

I recently skimmed over Yahoo! and found that our dear old Fashion God, Monsieur Lagerfeld had graced the news bulletins over the Chanel PreFall show that brought a glimpse of Mumbai/Bombay to the Grand Palais of Paris. I must say, those models did look rather regal with their jewels, especially since the show was staged in the Grand Palais which added to the magestic vibe. AND..... this collection even showed some colour! Surprised? I was, although I must admit, this isn't my favourite of the prefalls.

Two Jackets and Three Eyes? My oh my Monsieur Lagerfeld, you do like to push the boundaries!

Dreadlocks and colour! I didn't think anyone could have pulled it off but Monsieur Lagerfeld obviously has.

A collection I did fall in love with was Jason Wu, tbh, what type of girl doesn't fall to his feet when his collections are revealed? We all know the First Lady of USA isn't one. One thing I thought that made slightly humored was the fact that they kept the same background but just changed the colour of it to black from it's powdered blue. His collections are always just so effortlessly elegant and feminine. He even managed to make a parka look slightly womanly! Look (below)...........

"Hi, my name's Erjona and today I'm chanelling the Kristen Stewart I Can't Be F**cked look!"
Is it a coat? A cape? What is it Mr Wu? Answer the question......
However, I must admit the last couple of gowns really did not impress me. I get Mr Wu is trying to experiment with silhouettes and everything but frankly, it looked slightly awkward on the model. Not sure if it's just the fact that the model herself is pulling an awkward face or what? Judge for yourself though. But I must say I love all of the coats in any collection of his! The one above is just so luxe, especially with the designs on the shoulders.

To be awkward or not to be?
Lastly, someone please confirm that I'm not speaking gobbledygoop but isn't the Calvin Klein PreFall inspired by the 1940s?.............Or is it just me?

I spy a peplum!
Do you see it? 1940s Femme Fatale spy?

So, I shall leave you at this point to ponder over it.

Au Revoir Mes Amis!


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

School Sucks!

There, I've said it. School sucks! It's a place which is determined to ruin your career. Well, at least it is for me.

Why? I got offered an internship with Vauxhall Fashion Scout for s/s 2012!!!! And my school REFUSED to give me permission to miss a week off to do something that will make my CV (the start of it) amazing! I mean, how many 17 year olds have been offered internships from VFS?? Actually don't answer that question, I don't want to feel down if a million others did (haha)

Then yesterday at 7:30am, I received an email from the notorious (okay, notorious isn't really the right word but......) BIP LING!!!! Ding ding ding ding! Yes, I repeat, Bip Ling; the ultra cool, ultra chic, ultra talented blogger! She asked (very sweetly) whether I was free to come and intern for her yesterday. But oh no! Guess what I was doing instead? 3 hours of life drawing, an hour of standing in the freezing cold watching House Netball and an hour of evil Mechanics (maths that is not car work).

So, in conclusion, SCHOOL IS GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY LIFE!!! *teary face* 

Hands up who else has this problem?


p.s. Sorry for the rant, just wanted to get it all out of my 5'8 system (haha). Even though I understand this isn't tumblr!