Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Because We All Love a Bit of Pre-Fall 2012!

Oui Oui Madame et Monsieur! C'est le temps pour l'atomne pre de 2012!!! 

Yes Yes Madam and Sirs, It's time for the PREFALL 2012!!

Oh this gets me giddy! In fact, I think I love all the mini capsule collections that don't require a fashion week like Resort too.

I recently skimmed over Yahoo! and found that our dear old Fashion God, Monsieur Lagerfeld had graced the news bulletins over the Chanel PreFall show that brought a glimpse of Mumbai/Bombay to the Grand Palais of Paris. I must say, those models did look rather regal with their jewels, especially since the show was staged in the Grand Palais which added to the magestic vibe. AND..... this collection even showed some colour! Surprised? I was, although I must admit, this isn't my favourite of the prefalls.

Two Jackets and Three Eyes? My oh my Monsieur Lagerfeld, you do like to push the boundaries!

Dreadlocks and colour! I didn't think anyone could have pulled it off but Monsieur Lagerfeld obviously has.

A collection I did fall in love with was Jason Wu, tbh, what type of girl doesn't fall to his feet when his collections are revealed? We all know the First Lady of USA isn't one. One thing I thought that made slightly humored was the fact that they kept the same background but just changed the colour of it to black from it's powdered blue. His collections are always just so effortlessly elegant and feminine. He even managed to make a parka look slightly womanly! Look (below)...........

"Hi, my name's Erjona and today I'm chanelling the Kristen Stewart I Can't Be F**cked look!"
Is it a coat? A cape? What is it Mr Wu? Answer the question......
However, I must admit the last couple of gowns really did not impress me. I get Mr Wu is trying to experiment with silhouettes and everything but frankly, it looked slightly awkward on the model. Not sure if it's just the fact that the model herself is pulling an awkward face or what? Judge for yourself though. But I must say I love all of the coats in any collection of his! The one above is just so luxe, especially with the designs on the shoulders.

To be awkward or not to be?
Lastly, someone please confirm that I'm not speaking gobbledygoop but isn't the Calvin Klein PreFall inspired by the 1940s?.............Or is it just me?

I spy a peplum!
Do you see it? 1940s Femme Fatale spy?

So, I shall leave you at this point to ponder over it.

Au Revoir Mes Amis!



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  2. I wasn't a big fan of the chanel one , I dont know why... Although I like the second one and Calvin Klein always does it right! :)


  3. very nice..I love the coat/cape from Jason Wu the most!

  4. the second pic is my fav!

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  5. I am following you now via bloglovin.
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  6. im loving all these pictures!
    that black and green dress is gorgeous!!


  7. Great pics selection, I said Bravo to Lagerfeld as well!!!!

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  9. I loved Chanel to Bombay accessories and makeup !

  10. i love it!!


  11. Love chanel but couldn't afford it :(
    Anyway! I couldn't in my life, believe that STARBUCKS london doesn't sell GREEN TEA LATTE! It's like THE best drink of all! :)

    Come over to asia and have some cheap starbucks! :)

  12. Your writings amazing, I am a huge fan of Chanel! I gotta say the dreadlocks are my fave! Tres sexy;)<3

  13. Great photos, love your blog!

    Hope you had a wonderful new year my dear!

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