Friday, 20 January 2012

Shit Fashion Girls Say

So you must know by now that there's this whole Shit.......say that's caught the web by storm. I found this one on Tumblr and literally DIED from laughing. My favourite bit is the OMG! you look so chic today gurrrlllll!!! hahahah. I can totally imagine my friends and I saying everything in this vid, yes, we're just that cliched except minus the stereotypical accent and replace it with a British one. Also, I have major confessions to tell you! I did the whole "OMG should I get bangs? (fringe)" and then regretted it like CRAZY! I'm currently growing it out :/ Man it takes a looonnnnggg time for that to happen.

Major kudos to the team behind this!



  1. looool way too funny!

  2. This video is so funny! Perfect for a Monday morning!

  3. Hahaaaaa this is HILARIOUS!!



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