Monday, 4 June 2012

What to Wear........Jubilee Weekend.

So, the bank holiday's finally here. IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE OUR QUEEN!! Long live the Queen!!!!

For those who haven't caught on yet I'm a through and through Brit, from the accent to how we can all sing Jerusalem off by heart. It's our lovely Queen's diamond jubilee this year and in honour of that, I have decided to dedicate a polyvore post to her!

I've compiled a look inspired by our quintessential Britishness which only features British designers and shops. The first look is for those who are more tomboy than girly girl like myself. I absolutely love Barbour jackets, they're just so practical and warm! Its embarrassing how much I wear my quilted one. I also love the Burberry shirt in this set because the contrasting collar perks up the iconic white shirt and those shorts.........holy shhhmoly; they are glorious!
Jubilee Weekend

Jubilee Weekend by aloveforvogue featuring cotton blouses

The second look is more for those feminine girly girls. The sweet little blue denim dress is what I view as the modern 'Little house on the prairie' type of dress. It's so cute and girly but it's subtle enough for me to not puke when I see it (reference: Remember, I'm more of a tom boy hahaha). And of course, to team with every day dress you would choose a short Burberry trench; whoever doesn't should be shot in my opinion unless they chose a leather jacket or blazer instead because then I guess I could get over it as I am fans of those jackets too. And onto the shoe-a-looos, OF COURSE I WAS GOING TO CHOOSE THE CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA'S! Geez they're SO pink and cute and fun and feline that I actually (yes, actually!) like them. 

Jubilee Weekend 2

Jubilee Weekend 2 by aloveforvogue featuring prom dresses

The last look is one for an evening dinner party and channels many of the current trends including digital print and the bright orange hue. This outfit screams sophistication, especially with that figure hugging dress by Christopher Kane. What I love most in this set are the PAPER LASHES THAT ARE SHAPED TO THE LONDON SKYLINE! Please tell me you think it's cool as well! If I wasn't such a false eyelashes noob I would so try them. Would you?

Jubilee Weekend Dinner

Jubilee Weekend Dinner by aloveforvogue featuring platform shoes

So did you like my three looks???? If so, leave me a comment. 

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