Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dream Dream Dream.

Hello again my beautiful readers.

Yet again, I must apologize for my disappearance. But let me tell you, it was for a good reason, I promise.  Do you remember that post from, what seems like, eons ago? You know....the one about my dream being to go to NYU....

Well guess what. I'M GOING TO NYU!!! How I got in is still a wonder to me considering my grades were genuinely below average. But who cares, they still liked me enough to give me a place! And to update you on what I'm going to study...well fashion. Obviously. (and a sprinkle of mathematics and art history)

So, back to my normal fashion ramblings...I guess it's been pretty mellow recently because we're in between seasons. But have no fear, I'll still find something to relay to you all.

I've recently developed a slight - I say slight but I really mean massive- obsession with Vanity Fair. Not only do their shoots exude an untouchable elegance but their articles! They're just so well written! I don't think I've ever read a magazine article with such interest in my life.

This month's issue is centred around every fashionista's idol, Audrey Hepburn! So, go and buy one now. PRONTO missies, or misters. We don't judge.

This photo just makes me squeal! It's so perfect.
So long farewell, for now.

p.s. I advise you to read this article from a couple of Vanity Fairs ago. It's so moving and informative about the French Foreign Army.